Mixed Media & Digital Compositions

Design for personal and business applications


Advancements in technology have opened doors for greater creative expression and mixing of artistic mediums. Our Mixed Media and Digital Composition Service is a reflection of this.


As a  graphic designer, photographer and artist, the creative possibilities go beyond a single service provider. We combine our skills across all domains to create beautiful pieces of customised art for your home or business and inventive assets for your marketing messages. We let our imaginations fly and bring visually captivating scenes to life.

Our digital compositions can be built with print, web or both in mind. We work together with you to understand the story you want tell and design, photograph and create the best solution for you. This can include crafted photographic scenes, hand designed elements digitally enhanced or a mix of both.  We bring all of our skills to the table to create a truly unique piece of art just for you!

Additionally, we frequently offer our own personal work for sale! Store coming soon!