Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t publish pricing because our work together is customized specifically for you. Pricing is very dependent on the scope of your project.  In our initial  consultation I get to know and understand your needs  so that I can customize a package that suits you.

All projects regardless of service type follow the same payment terms unless otherwise noted in the Statement of Work<ul>  <li>Projects of 1000CHF or less are payable in full in advance of the start of the project.</li></ul><ul>  <li>Projects with cost exceeding 1000CHF are subject to payment arrangements for the balance in excess of 1000CHF.</li></ul>

You can expect cost, schedule and performance consequences to delays and changes. The terms are communicated to you as a risk factor in the project plan.

During most photo sessions, especially “location” shoots,  I will have a personal assistant to help ensure the session runs efficiently and to help with lighting and equipment. Whether an assistant will be present for your shoot depends highly on the scope of the requirements.  This would be discussed with you and reflected in the Statement of Work and Cost Estimate.
<em>Second Photographer</em>
In some cases, such as an events, a second photographer is needed to ensure we capture the images your project requires. For example, one photographer may focus on details and portraits and another the overall mood of the event. With two, the quality and breadth of options for your final selection increases.
<em>Make-Up Artist</em>
I work with a  make-up artist and stylist. If she is a available when we need her, her fees are incorporated into the quotation. If unavailable, I am happy to make recommendations and provide guidelines to ensure you are camera ready.

Depending on your project, there may be third party costs such as website hosting services , equipment rental, software and additional stock assets .  These are called out in the statement of work and/or discussed with you during the course of the project.

Yes, I can! However, travel costs such are transportation and hotel fees will be expensed directly to you for myself and team members, if required or applicable. This would be reviewed with you as part of the project planning.

As an experienced Project Management Professional, I plan my projects efficiently, anticipate risks and prepare backup plans. However, things happen. My responsibility is to be sure that we end a photoshoot with the images we need. If that means going over the scheduled time and my schedule allows for it, I will. However, overtime (OT) fees will apply for myself and my team. Throughout the day, I am always communicating with you. You will know how we are doing and whether or not we need to make adjustments to avoid the budget impact.

Cancellation Period:<ul>  <li>All Studio Shoots must be cancelled within 48 hours</li>  <li>All Location Shoots must be cancelled within 72 hours.</li>  <li>No Refund on Deposit for booking the shoot.</li>  <li>All travel expenses that can not be cancelled with full refund will be invoiced to you.</li>  <li>All extraneous expenses such as equipment rentals will be invoiced to you.</li></ul>



You are provided with the quantity of photos agreed to in the scope of the project. If you wish to buy more from the shoot; assuming there are more, there will be additional costs for them. Pricing communicated in the cost estimate.

No, I don’t. Every photo you buy from me is uniquely processed and styled for your project.  I am not a “shoot” and “burn” photographer. If you want this, I am not the right photographer for you.

During Studio Shoots and to the extent that it does not cause schedule delays, I will show you the images to ensure we are getting what we planned. On location or during an event, this can be harder or impossible. After the shoot via a “cloud link”,  I will provide a “proof” of low resolution,  unedited or loosely edited and watermarked images which meet the technical and performance requirements. From this “proof”, you will be able to select the images you desire.

The unselected images are kept in an Archive for a maximum of 90 days. In such cases where storage requests exceed 90 days, a storage fee is applied for every month the images are held.

The final images will be provided to you via a cloud link usually Google Drive or Dropbox.

I can provide printed photography up to A3 on a variety of High Quality Photo Paper.  Larger items would be left to you to manage with a printer of your choice or outsourced on your behalf  with time and vendor cost invoiced to you.  The cost of the prints would be reflected in the cost estimates for the project or in a separate invoice if the request comes later in the project or post-project.

When you purchase photos, you obtain the right to print, share and use them in your own advertisements and promotions. However, the “copyright”, remains with Social52.ch ( Kimi Media GmbH) in perpetuity.  This means that I retain all rights to use them for promotional purpose, competitions, showings and so forth.


This is the singular case where I transfer a copyright.  The FINAL DESIGN of your personal brand or company logo are given to you once the design has been paid for in full. However I retain in perpetuity the right to use the logo within the context of promoting my own work and as a reference for the work done. Furthermore, I maintain full rights and copyright to the rejected designs

When you purchase a printed item, for example, a flyer, poster, greeting card etc., you are purchasing the completed product and NOT the elements that make it up.

Very likely you can! Talk to me about it.  However, you will be purchasing a release to use the element and not the “copyright”. The copyright for my designs and photography stays with Social52.ch ( Kimi Media GmbH).

If I am asked to use specific elements provided by you, you must show that you have the authority to use those elements. I can not use anything without permission from the copyright owner. Additionally, the elements must meet design and print requirements to ensure appropriate quality.

The answer is strictly “NO”. I will not copy another artist’s design. That being said, I do obtain inspiration from a lot of different sources. If there is something you like, show it to me. Let’s talk about it.